Safe Cycling Ireland

Making Irish roads Safer For Everyone

Useful viewing


Below is an excellent piece by the Road Safety Authority is well worth watching. At 27 seconds, in the section on overtaking, the suggestion is to allow 1.5 metres during this manoeuvre. This is of great importance to cyclists and is a message that needs to be backed up by an amendment to our Irish Rules of the Road and passed in to law to give it credance.

Below you will find a link to the Road Safety Authority’s advice on safety around heavy Goods Vehicles. 6 cyclists were killed in London late last year after crashes with HGVs within a two week period.

I you care to click on the link below, it will take you to a nice video with good advice on safe cycling. This is by transportation consultant Damien O’ Tuama.

Some more RSA cycling advice (click on link below)

Example below of a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre (There’s any amount of others on You Tube)


This below is what the Queensland Government are trialing at the moment